Time to Task Document Review At Any Scale

Managed Review is a national managed review company leveraging technology to enable a best-in-class, full service solution for any and all of your document review needs.


Secure Cloud Based Review in Physical Centers or Remote Centers

Managed Review is focused on excellence, leveraging technology, providing best-in-class managed review solutions.

Seamless Solutions

Our services are tailored and scalable - regardless of team size, complexity, location, duration, review platform, budget, and timetable.

Streamlined Approach

We use leading solutions and seasoned professionals to handle your data review needs in the most efficient and accurate way possible - helping to reduce your review spend and improve your results.

Transparent Staffing Model

We endeavor to create, deploy and redeploy teams of the best reviewers who are familiar with your documents and review protocols all while giving you full transparency. Leveraging AI and advanced mobile communication tools Managed Review ensures that your team of fully vetted reviewers are the most accurate and productive available.

Superior Technology

Leveraging purpose built managed review staffing software and the most current encryption and security protocols, Managed Review offers a consistent and secure review process. On site or remote.


Project Managers and Team Leads

Managed Review’s Project Managers and Team Leads possess the highest level of expertise and are well versed in all stages of the discovery process.

Project Managers

Veteran Project Managers can be dedicated to plan, coordinate, supervise and report on every phase of your project, ensuring that deadlines are met and quality is maintained.

Team Leads

Team Leads are available to serve as your eyes and ears on the review floor - managing the day to day interaction with the review team - ensuring your quality goals and timelines are met.


Due Diligence & Second Request Projects

By combining the most experienced, qualified, and reliable review professionals with highly advanced and specialized technology, we respond quickly and efficiently to due diligence and Second Request projects.

Foreign Language Review Projects

Managed Review maintains an active database of more than 1900 foreign language review professionals with fluency in more than 100 languages. Our talent pool is fully vetted and tested, so you can be assured your foreign language reviewer has the requisite legal qualifications and credentials, as well as fluency in their stated languages.

Investigations and Subpoenas

We provide assistance with responding to subpoenas, requests for information, and discovery requests for even the most delicate of matters.

Litigation and Arbitration

We excel at offering accurate, efficient, and low cost review services for projects of all sizes, sophistication, and duration.

Data Breach Review

Managed Review’s expert reviewers are often deployed following a data breach to help our clients comply with breach notification laws.

Privilege Review

Our seasoned document reviewers are excellent at screening documents for privileged material. We have privilege specialists who focus on creating and editing privilege logs.

Managed Review Delivers

The quality of [Managed Review’s] attorneys is better than we have received elsewhere. Our experience was so positive that we engaged them for a second project and our experience in that investigation mirrored the first. My team has had nothing but positive things to say.

This quote is from a top 10 Global 200 law firm partner working with Managed Review for a second time. The project needed to quadruple its team size over a weekend to comply with a DOJ deadline. Managed Review secured a high quality team and re-configured space with the appropriate IT infrastructure - enabling the client to meet its tight deadline. Managed Review executes earning happy loyal clients.

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